High School & University Go Tournament
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News and Updates

The 2009/2010 tournament will be happening on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at the Chinese Cultural Center (same location as last year). Nelson Ing and Jeffrey Fung will be organizing this year's event. Stay tuned, as more information will be coming soon!

What is the HSU Go Tournament?

The annual High School & University Go Tournament is an annual tournament amongst high school and university students in Toronto and neighbouring areas. It aims to provide an opportunity for go players to play against each other in a competitive, yet friendly environment. We hope to attract players of all strengths in our tournaments, so everyone is welcome!

What is "Go"?

Go, also known as Weiqi, Igo and Baduk, is a two-player strategy game played on 19x19 board and black and white stones. Each player select a colour of stones, and they alternate turns placing stones on an intersection point on the board. The objective of the game is to surround more points of territory than your opponent. Go is noted for being rich in strategic complexity despite its simple rules.